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Study Group Dates

May 2024

4pm (BST) Wednesday 29th May 2024
7pm (BST) Thursday 30th May 2024
1pm (BST) Friday 31st May 2024

Monthly Study Groups

One of the newer benefits for members are the free STUDY GROUPS, set up in 2021.

All members, without additional charge, may join one of groups that take place on a
monthly basis and last about an hour. The sessions are generally the last
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each month at 4pm, 7pm and 2pm respectively.

How the study groups work

The study group co-ordinator in charge of the group, will present a writing to every
member of the group, via Zoom on each occasion, and this writing will form the basis
of the study.

How does the study proceed?

The Dominant and Counter-Dominant features of the handwriting will be determined
and interpreted in a psychological manner. These are used to establish a Gestalt
summary of the main factors of the writer’s character and personality. The session
concludes with an unscripted ad hoc summary analysis, where the findings of the
group are brought together into one cohesive synopsis.

Who acts as co-ordinator to the Study Group?

These sessions are currently led by John Beck, a previous Chairman and vice
Chairman of the BIG. He has been a professional graphologist for over 40 years and his
main field of expertise is in Jungian graphology, using Archetypes in the field of
analysis. He has specialised in working for major financial institutions in London and
Paris over this period and has completed many thousands of analyses.

Is there a prior minimum requirement of graphological expertise required to
join the Study groups?

No, there is not. Any member, be they a long-term professional graphologist, an affiliate, or a
new member either about to study with the BIG or considering it, is free to join. In
other words, the Study groups are open to any member of the BIG without any additional charge.

Group participation

Please note, these are NOT classes in graphology, but an opportunity for members
present to discuss and participate in studying the vital importance of graphological
Dominants, sub-Dominants and Counter-Dominants.

Ideas and suggestions are freely exchanged, and the voice of everyone has equal
importance. There is a pleasant and informal atmosphere which does not include
any standard teacher/student relationship, with the co-ordinator guiding the
comments accordingly.

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