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A fascinating selection of specially-chosen published articles, from handwriting analyses of the famous (and infamous) to highly technical case studies.

Document Examination v Graphology

by Adam Brand

This is a succinct narrative investigating why Document Examiners get so upset with Graphologists, and how Graphology can help Document Examination... Click here to read>

Reflections regarding Thread Writing

by Lorraine Herbert

Analysing thready writing has always been rather problematical, and thready writers do seem to be a somewhat problematic crowd... Click here to read>


by John Beck

John Beck's missive (part one) as presented at the IGC Colloquium at Cambridge University 2016. Click here to read>

Famous Musician's Handwriting

by Tracey Trussell

Various analyses of some famous musician's handwriting (from album sleeve notes). Click here to read >

The Learning Curve

by Jacqui Tew

The Learning Curve is the title of an invaluable series of 12 educational articles by Jacqui Tew, originally published in The Graphologist from 1999-2002. Click here to read all twelve lessons in this series >

The Four Psychic Types of Jung

by John Beck

The Four Psychic Types of C.G. Jung and their representation in handwriting. Click here to read >

Six Lessons by Hans Jacoby

by Ruth Rostron

In 1941 Hans Jacoby wrote six graphology lessons for Fred Walker.  These previously unpublished articles will make fascinating reading for practising graphologists. Click here to read  >

International Handwriting

by Karolina Tolgyesi

Writing has a function:  It evolved for the purpose of communication.  This informative and highly illustrated two-part article looks at a number of different writing systems from around the world. Click here to read more >

Adolescent and Student's Handwriting

by Adva Weinerman

This fascinating and extensive article, following many years of hard work on numerous handwriting samples in students (aged 10 to 15), covers new thoughts, and examines if handwriting in students is a good predictor for grade evaluation. Click here to read more >

Anonymous Letter Writing

by Jean Elliott

"To receive anonymous mail is deeply disturbing.  The victim has received a letter from a coward.  The person guilty of the act - a character assassin - causes much distress and anguish to the victim." Click here to read more >

Margins Illustrated

by Ruth Rostron

“Silence can speak volumes and so can spaces. Where people do not write can be even more telling than where they do, so the size and shape of their margins, like other aspects of spacing that occur quite naturally, is highly significant." Click Here to read more >


by Mary Black

“We assume that everyone’s motivation and values are the same as ours and so when people behave differently from the way we expect, it causes confusion, disappointment and sometimes anger and resentment.”  Click Here to read more >

I’ve got Rhythm?

by Ruth Rostron

"Does good rhythm in writing suggest that the writer is a natural musician with an innate sense of rhythm, or is it possible to be a good musician and at the same time have writing which is disturbed or inharmonious?"  Click here to read more >

An Emotional Journey

by Anne Cummings

"Life consists of many journeys, although ultimately, all relating to the one.This is not about my life or even my own journey, this is about movement in general from one place to another, a progression if you like."  Click here to read more >

Women Who Kill

by Kimon Iannetta and Reed Hayes

"Both men and women murderers share a certain level of psychopathic detachment which allows them to pursue the ultimate release of their anger, rage and unfulfilled needs - the killing act itself."  Click here to read more >

Interpersonal Conflict

A workshop run by Mary Black at the B.I.G. Symposium in October 2011.

"Interpersonal conflict exists when two or more people disagree. It occurs in all relationships, be they working relationships, friendships, family or intimate relationships and whilst in some cases conflict can be caused by a simple misunderstanding, quite often it is the product of incompatible goals, values, attitudes and beliefs." Click here to read more >

Changing Times

by Elaine Quigley

“What was the motivation behind the wartime broadcasts of P.G. Wodehouse?”  Click here to read more >

Edgar Allan Poe : A New Slant

by Arlyn Imberman

“Best known for his psychologically thrilling tales of mystery and suspense, Edgar Allan Poe's work Chapter on Autobiography is regarded by today's graphologists as an early classic in the field of handwriting analysis….”  Click here to read more >


by Marcel Elfers 

JonBenét Ramsey was the six-your-old daughter of John and Patsy Ramsey. She was found dead on December 26, 1996. Her lifeless body was found in the basement of the Ramsey home. Her tiny head was bashed in with a heavy object and the crack in her skull was in the shape of a “mag flashlight”. She was also strangled and when found she was in full rigor mortis. Click here to read more >


by John Beck

".....will applicants please apply in their own handwriting... Click here to read>

Playing with Fire

by Andrea Scarfe (in Melbourne, Australia)

"I found a fascinating article in last weekend's newspaper (dated September 30th 2016) about a couple of young men who have made headlines in Australia, and who were eventually jailed for Insider Trading. It makes for great reading and the whole affair is just made for Hollywood!  Their insider trading schemes were very clever, and the fact that they were very well off to start with begs the question - what drove them to do it?  It's a very interesting yet tragic tale, but I hope to show the human face of one of the men involved." Click here to read>

Van Gogh’s True Colours

by Tracey Trussell

“Was Vincent van Gogh as mad as a box of frogs or a genius and misunderstood? To what degree was he influenced by society and the world around him? And does it matter?” Click here to read >


by Brigitte Applegarth

Brigitte analyses the handwriting of a number of infamous people including Amanda Knox, Crippen, Oscar Pistorius and Jimmy Saville. Click here to read more >

The Revealing Hand

by Erik Rees

A selection of anecdotal stories extracted from Erik's book. Click here to read>

Death Row Writings

by Mary Comber and Elaine Quigley

"The average age of Death Row inmates is 40 years old. There are currently 3,246 people on death row across America... " Click here to read more >

The Slants and Parental Affiliation

by Adva Weinerman

"Graphology is a diagnostic tool that makes use of psychology and behavioural sciences for studying and understanding human behaviour.  Talents can be detected and identified and also various psychological and psychiatric disorders and emotional hang-ups..." Click here to read more >


by Mary Black

"Enid Blyton was born in 1897 into a tense household. Her childhood was troubled." Click here to read more >

Forgotten Ghosts

by Elaine Quigley

"The chance to have a very special experience came my way, when I was asked to go to France to look at the carvings/ writings of Canadian soldiers who had been billeted in the caves outside Arras in Northern France, before their attack on Vimy Ridge, a famous First World War battle…." Click here to read more > 

Tales from the Stave - Elgar & Purcell

by Ruth Rostron

" 'Tales from the Stave’ is the title of a BBC Radio 4 series in which an autograph manuscript has provided the focus for a discussion about a composer’s life and work. For each programme a performer, conductor, musicologist or writer associated with the composer were assembled with the librarian in the presence of the actual manuscript. This generated much excitement, and I was invited as a graphologist to provide a different perspective on the man who wrote it." Click here to read more >

Tales from the Stave – Handel

by Ruth Rostron

"As there are 97 volumes of Handel manuscripts from the royal collection in the British Library, you may wonder, as I did, why this particular work had been selected. In the quiet of a private room there, I was to find out. Alone with the producer and the librarian, I felt the presence of Handel as I contemplated his manuscript spread before me." Click here to read more >

Personality Types within the Workplace

by Joyce Parkinson

"The Leader, Persuader, Perfectionist, Original Thinker and the Team Player" Click here to read more >

Neurosis & Other Behaviour Disorders

by Erik Rees FBIG (Dip) Click here to read article>

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