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About the British Institute of Graphologists

The British Institute of Graphologists (B.I.G.) was founded in 1983 by Francis T. Hilliger, who was trained by Dr Eric Singer, a pupil of Dr Ludwig Klages. Francis Hilliger devised a system of graphology which clarified the process of handwriting analysis. The "Hilliger” System was subsequently adopted as the basis of the Institute’s Diploma (M.BIG) first awarded in 1990.

Today we are the UK’s leading professional body of handwriting analysts and play a central role in the development and study of graphology, as well as hosting an International Symposium and participating in discussion and debate within the UK and around the world. Our graphologist members are employed to carry out a wide variety of tasks both for companies and private individuals, including the assessment of job candidates, personality profiling,  compatibility assessment, career guidance and the detection of fraud.

The B.I.G. is constitutionally formed with an elected committee, regular meetings, presentations and workshops, and a quarterly journal, The Graphologist. We offer three levels of membership to suit everyone from the professional graphologist to the interested layperson and we warmly welcome new members.

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