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The following articles have been selected to give readers a snapshot or flavour of various aspects of graphology and are particularly suitable for general interest reading.


Views expressed by contributors of any articles or individual analyses are not necessarily those of the British Institute of Graphologists.

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by Tracey Trussell

Ten Great Britons and their Handwriting article >


by Elaine Quigley

Your handwriting is saying a lot about who you are article >


by Brigitte Applegarth

What pop stars autographs say about them article >

The Mirror

by Tracey Trussell

On-the-spot snapshot analysis for The Mirror on Jose Mourinho's handwriting article >

The Daily Mail

by Brigitte Applegarth

Recent article looking at the handwriting and views of Thomas Mair, killer of M.P. Jo Cox. article >

The Guardian

by Ruth Rostron 

What your work doodles say about you.  Our in-house doodle expert wows The Guardian newspaper readers! article > 

Steve Wright in the Afternoon

Featuring Adam Brand 

Adam Brand, our Chair, analyses handwriting samples live on Radio 2. here to listen > 

Time Out

by Tracey Trussell 

TIME OUT London Magazine asked Tracey Trussell to do an on-the spot snapshot analysis of one of the world's biggest R & B singers, Drake, in the light of his newly released recording online. feature > 

Stylist Magazine

by Tracey Trussell & Ruth Rostron

BACKSTAGE SCOOP!.....At the Autumn/Winter 2014 shows in London, STYLIST MAGAZINE asked four big-name models to draw their very own front covers. Stylist passed their sketches to Tracey Trussell, without revealing who the artists were, for her interpretation.  Tracey worked in collaboration with Ruth, our doodle expert. article >


by Jean Elliott

Artist or Assassin? article >

Six Lessons by Hans Jacoby

By Ruth Rostron M.BIG (dip)

Ruth is delighted to present 6 lessons by Hans Jacoby. An Introduction can be read below, and the first three illustrated lessons in the series are available for members to read now in the Published Articles section.  

read the Introduction here >

Student Life (An Irish Perspective)

By Geraldine Mulkerins

Geraldine is currently a Year 2 Psychology student with B.I.G.  Here she shares her experiences of studying graphology in Ireland. article>

B.I.G.'s 30th Anniversary

By Adam Brand (Chair) M.BIG (dip)

On September 8th 2013, at the Soroptimists Club in London, the British Institute of Graphologists celebrated its 30th Anniversary and elected two new Fellows. article and view photos>

Handwriting analysis of Beatrix Potter

by Arlyn Imberman

Beatrix Potter was a woman well ahead of her time.  She combined the purity of a child's imagination with the instincts and intellect of an entrepreneur. article >

What Makes a Relationship Work?

by Sheila Lowe, MS, CG

"Connecting with other people and forming relationships is an integral part of being human." article >

Obama mocks Jack Lew's loopy signature

by Ruth Rostron

A loopy, illegible signature goes unnoticed - until it is about to appear on every US dollar!  What kind of man has unwittingly caused such an outcry? article >

Van Gogh’s True Colours

An abridged version by Tracey Trussell article >

A copy of the full article, which was inspired by the Royal Academy’s exhibition in London in 2010, is currently held in the Library of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam at the request of Hans Luijten – Researcher at the Letters Project. It can also be read in our Published Articles section.

A Very Quiet Achievement for Graphology

by John Beck article >

William and Kate

by Elaine Quigley article >

A Collection of Copybook Styles

by Diane Simpson

A collection of writing styles from 1400s to the present day.  These are the graphologist's invaluable tool! article > 

The Truth about Handwriting

by Sheila Lowe

The importance of cursive handwriting in the digital age. article >

Sex and Crime in Handwriting

by Brigitte Applegarth

Analyses of the handwriting of some infamous people including Amanda Knox, Crippen, Oscar Pistorius and Jimmy Saville. article >

The Revealing Hand

by Eric Rees

A selection of anecdotal stories extracted from The Revealing Hand by Eric Rees. Further chapters can be read in the Published Articles section.

...chapter 2 -  Robert  > 

...chapter 4 -  Dennis's Brother  >

The Learning Curve

by Jacqui Tew

An invaluable series of 12 educational articles. The Introduction can be read here and members can read the Lessons in the Published Articles section. article >

Forensic Examination

by Susan Ord

A first-hand report on the author's experiences of gaining a Master in Science degree in Document Analysis. article >

Doodles.  An Introduction

by Ruth Rostron article >

Aspects of Creativity

by Erik Rees article >

Children's Writing and Drawings

by Sue FitzHugh

Sue's beautifully illustrated, perceptive and easy to read article is the shortened version of a lecture she gave in London in 2007. article>

Michon and the Birth of Scientific Graphology

by Shaike Landau article >

BBC Radio 4 Interviews

Ruth Rostron 

Can you tell whether a person is suited to a job by analysing their handwriting? here to listen >

Graphology’s Greatest Tools

by Erik Rees article >

Piano Tuners Over The Centuries

by Elaine Quigley article >

Showing our Colours

by Ruth Rostron article >




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