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The Institute prides itself in offering a wide range of resources to those with an interest in graphology. It’s suitable for general members of the public, as well as professional graphologists, students and also journalists and writers researching the subject.

Featured articles have been selected to give readers a snapshot or flavour of various aspects of graphology and are particularly suited for general interest reading.  Here you will find an amalgam of handwriting analyses, as well as other keynote articles.

The Graphologist (latest issue) is B.I.G.’s quarterly publication. The journal caters for all types of graphological interest and includes news items, notices of forthcoming B.I.G. lectures and events. Back issues are also available on request.


The B.I.G.'s List of Books is an extensive archive (containing many valuable pieces) about or relating to graphology, which will be of interest to anyone from B.I.G. Diploma students to the general reader. Members Only are entitled to order books from this list, depending on current availability.

Media contact

For a spokesperson on graphology news, please contact Elaine Quigley:

Tel 01753 891241


Submitting articles and analyses: contributions are welcomed and submissions should be sent to the Website & Marketing Coordinator, Misha Hebel:



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