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In order to gain the Diploma from the Institute, students must pass six exams:  Part 1 (A & B), Part 2 (A & B), and Part 3 (A & B). The exams are held annually in June/July and September and there is no time limit set between the three Parts. Following successful completion of all three stages, students will qualify for full membership and be entitled to use the letters MBIG (Dip).


Exam Dates


Part 1A   April 28 – May 26
Part 1B   July 14

Part 2A   April 14 – May 26
Part 2B   July 14

Part 3A   April 14 – May 26
Part 3B   July 14


Part 1A   March 30 – April 27
Part 1B  June 8

Part 2A  March 16 – April 27
Part 2B   June 8

Part 3A  March 16 – April 27
Part 3B   June 8

To access all the information you will need to prepare for the exams, please click on the following links:

Student information Packs:


2018 Part 1

2018 Part 2

2018 Part 3

These packs contain specific information as outlined below:

  • General information about the Diploma
  • Full syllabus for the part
  • Reading list
  • General information about the exams and how to apply
  • Costs and venues
  • Exam preparation guidance notes
  • Dates and Application Form


Please note that while you do not need to be a member of the B.I.G. to obtain information about the Diploma, the exams are only open to members of the Institute. Click here to see specially reduced Student Membership rate and benefits.

For help or advice on any education issues, enquiries should be directed to John Beck.   Alternatively, our Education Officer  or Exam Administrator  will be happy to help you.


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