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Graphology Research and Education Trust (G.R.E.T)

This is a Charitable Trust; registration number 1056273, which was set up on a world-wide basis, on the 2nd of June 1996, for the purposes of:

  1. Researching the potential of handwriting analysis into such areas as recognition of medical problems within the writer.
  2. Educating the public about the accuracy of this discipline.
  3. Advancing the subject scientifically.

The discipline is taught in many colleges and universities in Europe and other parts of the world. This discipline is of immense, indeed unparalleled benefit to society.

The fact that our discipline is officially unregistered as yet means that people without sufficient knowledge can set themselves up as practitioners. These people frequently give the subject a bad name and until there is an official recognition, we are limited to those members of organisations such as the British Institute of Graphologists (B.I.G.), who undergo as rigorous an examination as any in Europe. These qualified people are the only ones who should be contacted for a report.  Other organisations recognised by G.R.E.T. in the UK are the British Academy of Graphology (BAoG), and the Association of Qualified Graphologists (AQG).

Please note that any donations to GRET are tax deductible and the Trust is registered on a worldwide basis.

For more information, please contact Erik A Rees, FBIG (Dip) on 01892 516148

American Handwriting Analysis Foundation 


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