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Autumn Meeting


Soroptimist Club, 63 Bayswater Road, London, W2 3PH

Tel: 020 7723 8575

Dates :

Sunday 3rd September 2017

11:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 to 15:30 – Workshop


There will be challenge for those who come to the autumn meeting at the Soroptimist Club on Sunday, 3rd September, it should be stimulating and interesting. We plan to have a meeting where all present are encouraged to contribute samples and, if possible, their thoughts, on themes that should be useful in building knowledge and experience.
As we are all aware, male and female writings are not always easy to identify correctly. Animus (male) and Anima (female) features can be seen in both genders, adding elements of each to produce a complex tapestry of indicators, that makes each person so challenging to research.
What we’d like to do is to ask members to either email or post to me interesting samples that they may have, so that I can prepare a PowerPoint show and we can have a morning of working through them and sharing views. If you have complex samples and would like to work with others to discover more about the writer, then this is your chance.
In the afternoon, we will identify the Animus and Anima in each of the handwritings and suggest the ideal career for the writer. For example, Anima in the writing of a male could indicate a medical career with empathy for patients, or Animus in a female writer could indicate a business career. Of course, these examples are just a starting point, but you can see what can be helpful.
This meeting should be valuable experience for students as well as for working graphologists and I look forward to a good turnout to share ideas and enjoy a successful meeting.
Of course you are welcome to come to the meeting without samples, as it is being with people with similar interests that makes the day enjoyable and one never knows what may emerge when discussion starts.

Attendance Fees : £15 for members, £20 for non-members.

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