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Genuine students of graphology who are currently undertaking a recognised course of study with a B.I.G. tutor. This concessionary rate of membership can only be claimed for a maximum period of 6 years, or until graduate status is obtained, after which time Full or Affiliate Membership will be required.


  • Members’ login enabling you to access featured and published articles, media resources and the B.I.G.'s extensive list of books (containing some rare pieces) not available to general visitors to site.
  • Free annual subscription to the B.I.G. Journal. The journal can be read online and/ or sent as an electronic or paper version.
  • Full access to our Glossary - a fully comprehensive A-Z Definition of Terms - written by John Beck.
  • Reduced admission fee to our programme of lectures, workshops and seminars. These academic gatherings (including our tri-annual symposium) give members the opportunity to meet and learn by exchanging views and experience with graphologists from all over the world.
  • Full access to Ruth Rostron's brilliant Short Course and Workbook (a must-read for all budding graphologists, potential students and beginners)
  • Access to B.I.G. Facebook page.
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    N.B. Only Honorary, Elected and Graduate Members are approved by the Institute to practise professionally.


    Free Short Course for Members Only

    "A must-read for all budding graphologists or for anyone with an interest in this fascinating subject."



    We welcome new members and offer a three-tier entry.

    Those with a general interest in graphology can access all our resources by becoming an Affiliate member right now.