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Full Membership (Elected/Graduate)


Members who have been elected by the B.I.G. Committee or invited to become honorary members, or graduates of the Institute’s Part 3 exams who have gained their Diploma.


  • Members’ login giving access to published articles, media resources and the B.I.G. Library List not available to general visitors.
  • Free annual subscription to the B.I.G. Journal. The journal can be read online and/ or sent as an electronic or paper version.
  • Fully qualified graduates are entitled to use the initials MBIG (Dip).
  • Honorary, Elected and Graduate members may also benefit, if they wish, by having details of any graphological services they provide listed in the Directory of Professional Graphologists and the List of Teachers. These are both published on the B.I.G. website. Any requests for graphological analysis and teaching received by the Institute are passed on to members as appropriate.
  • Full access to our Glossary - a fully comprehensive A-Z Definition of Terms - written by John Beck.
  • Reduced admission fee to our programme of lectures, workshops and seminars. These academic gatherings (including our tri-annual symposium) give members the opportunity to meet and learn by exchanging views and experience with graphologists from all over the world.
  • Access to B.I.G. Facebook page.
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    N.B. Only Honorary, Elected and Graduate Members are approved by the Institute to practise professionally.


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